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EPL round 35 preview: Chelsea vs Spurs

Saturday, 30th April 2011 7:20pm
Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspurs lock horns at Stamford Bridge with both clubs needing a win.

Chelsea needs a win in order to stay in the title race while Spurs needs a win as it tries to secure fourth place and also ward off Liverpool who are hot in pursuit in sixth place.

Chelsea are in second place and six points behind league leaders Manchester United.

Spurs are four points behind Manchester City in fourth place.

A draw will not be good for either teams.

Here is some of the stats for the two teams so far this season:

Goal difference378
Clean sheets157
Failed to score87
Goals scored6449
Goals conceded2741
Ave. goals scored1.91.5
Ave. goals conceded0.81.2
Biggest winChelsea 6 - 0 W Brom
Wigan 0 - 6 Chelsea
Tottenham 3 - 1 Wolves
Tottenham 4 - 2 Blackburn
Tottenham 2 - 0 Newcastle
Biggest lossChelsea 0 - 3 Sunderland
Man United 2 - 0 Tottenham
Bolton 4 - 2 Tottenham
Blackpool 3 - 1 Tottenham
Scored 3 or more116
Conceded 3 or more34
Scored 5 or more20
Conceded 5 or more00
Home matches
Goal difference2510
Goals scored3527
Goals conceded1017
Ave. goals scored2.11.6
Ave. goals conceded0.61.0
Away matches
Goal difference12-2
Goals scored2922
Goals conceded1724
Ave. goals scored1.71.4
Ave. goals conceded1.01.5

Recent Matches

2007/8 22Chelsea2Tottenham0
2007/8 30Tottenham4Chelsea4
2008/9 3Chelsea1Tottenham1
2008/9 30Tottenham1Chelsea0
2009/10 6Chelsea3Tottenham0
2009/10 35Tottenham2Chelsea1
2010/11 17Tottenham1Chelsea1

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Man City edges closer to Champions League

Tuesday, 26th April 2011 9:04am
Manchester City's 1-nil over struggling Blackburn Rovers saw them move closer to Champions League football next season.

Man City can also possibly finish as high as third if they win all their remaining fixtures and third placed Arsenal slip up.

The hosts remained fifth from the bottom with four matches left to play.

Their four matches include two against relegation threatened West Ham and Wolves plus matches against Bolton and Manchester United.

City needed a second half goal to make sure they moved four points clear of Tottenham Hotspurs in fifth and five behind Arsenal.

Key for City will be their match against Spurs but by then the match could be irrelevant depending on how Spurs play against Chelsea and Liverpool.

Going into the last four rounds, I will take a look at the form table for the last six matches in the English Premiership:

Chelsea 6 5 10 133 1016WDWWWW
Liverpool 6 4 11 154 1113WWLWDW
Man United 6 4 11 95 413LWWWDW
Everton 6 3 21 105 511DWDWWL
W Brom 6 3 21 1311 211WDWWLD
Bolton 6 3 12 107 310DWLLWW
Man City 6 3 12 86 210DWLWLW
Tottenham 6 1 50 1110 18DDDWDD
Fulham 6 2 22 98 18DWLWLD
Aston Villa 6 2 22 88 08LLDWWD
Wolves 6 2 22 1011 -18WDWLLD
Arsenal 6 1 41 109 17DDWDDL
Wigan 6 2 13 78 -17LWDLWL
Bham City 6 2 13 712 -57LWDWLL
Stoke 6 1 32 99 06DLWDLD
Newcastle 6 1 23 69 -35LLWLDD
West Ham 6 1 14 612 -64WDLLLL
Sunderland 6 1 14 614 -84DLLLLW
Blackburn 6 0 33 59 -43LDDDLL
Blackpool 6 0 24 615 -92LDLLLD

So Blackpool and Blackburn have the worst form at the moment and leaders Manchester United will face these two teams in their last remaining four matches.

Chelsea and Liverpool are in top form in the last six matches and for Liverpool its a form that could give them Europa League football next season.

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EPL round 34 preview: Sunderland vs Wigan

Saturday, 23rd April 2011 10:58am
Sunderland face Wigan in the English Premiership in round 34 knowing that another defeat will bring them even closer to the relegation zone.

Wigan sit just outside the relegation zone after beating Blackpool in the last round and a win at the Stadium of Light will see them one point behind their hosts.

The Black Cats who boast one their biggest wins of the season being a 3-nil over Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, are on a poor run form that has seen them collect just one point in the last six matches.

For most of the first half of the season the Black Cats sat just outside the top six places but since the turn of the year its been a free fall.

A win for Sunderland will see them reach 41 points and possibly the top half of the table depending on other results.

A draw will leave both teams in the relagation mix.

Here is some of the stats for the two seasons so far this season:

Goal difference-12-21
Clean sheets126
Failed to score1113
Goals scored3532
Goals conceded4753
Ave. goals scored1.11.0
Ave. goals conceded1.41.6
Biggest winChelsea 0 - 3 Sunderland
Sunderland 3 - 0 Blackburn
Wigan 2 - 0 Wolves
Blackpool 1 - 3 Wigan
Biggest lossMan City 5 - 0 Sunderland
Wigan 0 - 6 Chelsea
Scored 3 or more22
Conceded 3 or more66
Scored 5 or more00
Conceded 5 or more21
Home matches
Goal difference1-13
Goals scored2018
Goals conceded1931
Ave. goals scored1.31.1
Ave. goals conceded1.21.8
Away matches
Goal difference-13-8
Goals scored1514
Goals conceded2822
Ave. goals scored0.90.9
Ave. goals conceded1.61.4

Previous Matches

2007/8 3Wigan3Sunderland0
2007/8 26Sunderland2Wigan0
2008/9 4Wigan1Sunderland1
2008/9 29Sunderland1Wigan2
2009/10 14Wigan1Sunderland0
2009/10 25Sunderland1Wigan1
2010/11 4Wigan1Sunderland1

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Third vs second : Valencia vs Real Madrid

Friday, 22nd April 2011 10:29pm
Valencia and Real Madrid may be separated by one position on the table but they are fourteen points apart as the two teams meet in the first fixture of La Liga's round 33.

However, the result of this fixture could have a huge bearing on the title destination especially if Real Madrid were to drop points.

Real trail Barcelona by eight points with six league matches left.

A win for Real will guarantee them a worst finish of second place and that could see the gap between Valencia and fourth placed Villarreal reduced to just three points should Villarreal win its match against Sevilla.

Valencia has only lost three times at home for its haul of 31 points amassed at the Mestalla.

Real has drawn four and won ten matches on the road.

Here is some of the stats for the two teams so far this season:

Real MadridValencia
Goal difference5019
Clean sheets159
Failed to score66
Goals scored7354
Goals conceded2335
Ave. goals scored2.31.7
Ave. goals conceded0.71.1
Biggest winReal Madrid 7 - 0 Málaga
Valencia 5 - 0 Villarreal
Biggest lossBarcelona 5 - 0 Real Madrid
Zaragoza 4 - 0 Valencia
Scored 3 or more136
Conceded 3 or more13
Scored 5 or more41
Conceded 5 or more10
Home matches
Goal difference3913
Goals scored4728
Goals conceded815
Ave. goals scored2.91.8
Ave. goals conceded0.50.9
Away matches
Goal difference116
Goals scored2626
Goals conceded1520
Ave. goals scored1.61.6
Ave. goals conceded0.91.3

Recent Matches

2009/10 14Valencia2Real Madrid3
2009/10 33Real Madrid2Valencia0
2010/11 14Real Madrid2Valencia0

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Third vs fourth : Inter vs Lazio

Friday, 22nd April 2011 9:40pm
In Serie A's round 34, third placed and defending champions Inter Milan will face fourth placed Lazio.

Inter are currently three points ahead of Lazio and a win will open a six points buffer and depending on the Napoli result they could end up in second place.

If Lazio win the match then they will know that at the end of the season if the two teams are tied on points then they will go above Inter because of a better head to head record.

Lazio beat Inter 3-1 in their first meeting in Rome earlier in the season.

After this match there will be only four matches to go and a loss here could be critical especially with Udinese just one point behind Lazio.

Udinese are also in the run for a Champions league place next season.

Here is some of the stats for two teams so far this season:

Inter MilanLazio
Goal difference2115
Clean sheets1014
Failed to score77
Goals scored5845
Goals conceded3730
Ave. goals scored1.81.4
Ave. goals conceded1.10.9
Biggest winInter Milan 4 - 0 Bari
Catania 1 - 4 Lazio
Biggest lossAC Milan 3 - 0 Inter Milan
Sampdoria 2 - 0 Lazio
Lazio 0 - 2 Roma
Bologna 3 - 1 Lazio
Roma 2 - 0 Lazio
Scored 3 or more95
Conceded 3 or more42
Scored 5 or more30
Conceded 5 or more00
Home matches
Goal difference2315
Goals scored4027
Goals conceded1712
Ave. goals scored2.51.6
Ave. goals conceded1.10.7
Away matches
Goal difference-20
Goals scored1818
Goals conceded2018
Ave. goals scored1.11.1
Ave. goals conceded1.21.1

Recent Matches

2010/11 15Lazio3Inter Milan1

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Arsenal slips to third after Spurs draw

Thursday, 21st April 2011 7:07am
Arsenal slipped down into third place on the table on goal difference after a 3-all draw against their North London rivals Tottenham Hotspurs.

A win for the Gunners would seen them four points behind leaders Manchester United.

Arsenal were leading 3-2 at half time but a second half penalty for Spurs ensured that the spoils were shared.

This draw means that Spurs have taken four points from this fixture this season.

The draw means that Spurs remain two points behind Manchester City in the final Champions League place and they two teams will meet next month.

In the other match Chelsea beat Birmingham 3-1 to take over second place.

Birmingham slip one place down to 15th on goal difference.

The table below shows the draws trend so far this season in the English Premiership:

Draw at half time, draw at full time 6162.9
Home team leading at half time, draw at full time 1515.5
Away team leading at half time, draw at full time 2121.6
Drawn matches 9729.7

Spurs have now drawn 12 matches this season and this was the first draw when Spurs have managed to draw when trailing at half time.

The most number of drawn matches(9) for Spurs have been when the match is drawn at half time as shown in the table below:

Tottenham drawing at half time, Tottenham drawing at full time 975.0
Tottenham team leading at half time, Tottenham drawing at full time 216.7
Tottenham trailing at half time, Tottenham drawing at full time 18.3
Drawn matches 1237.5

Arsenal has drawn ten matches and in four of those draws they have been leading at half time only to draw the match come full time as shown in the table below:

Arsenal drawing at half time, Arsenal drawing at full time 550.0
Arsenal team leading at half time, Arsenal drawing at full time 440.0
Arsenal trailing at half time, Arsenal drawing at full time 110.0
Drawn matches 1030.3

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North London derby: Spurs vs Arsenal

Wednesday, 20th April 2011 9:02pm
Tottenham Hotspurs and Arsenal are meeting in a North London derby that could make or break their seasons.

This is the match that was postponed for the Gunners to play in the Carling Cup final which they lost to Birmingham.

If the Gunners win this match then they will reduce the gap between themselves and leaders Manchester United to four points with just five matches left.

One of the five remaining matches for Arsenal is against Manchester United.

A loss for Arsenal and they could end in third place if Chelsea beat Birmingham in a fixture being played at the same time.

A draw will also see Arsenal slip to third should Chelsea win.

For Spurs trying to get Champions League football next season, a win will see them equal on points with fourth placed Manchester City. Poor goal difference will keep them in fifth place.

A loss for Spurs and the poor goal difference could mean that Champions League will not be at White Hart Lane next season.

Interestingly the game in hand for Spurs is against Manchester City which is scheduled to be played next month.

So this derby in no ordinary derby this time and in the first fixture Spurs made a stunning comeback to beat Arsenal 3-2 at the Emirates.

So here are some of the stats for the two teams so far this season in the league:

Goal difference328
Clean sheets127
Failed to score67
Goals scored6344
Goals conceded3136
Ave. goals scored2.01.4
Ave. goals conceded1.01.2
Biggest winArsenal 6 - 0 Blackpool
Tottenham 3 - 1 Wolves
Tottenham 4 - 2 Blackburn
Tottenham 2 - 0 Newcastle
Biggest lossChelsea 2 - 0 Arsenal
Man United 2 - 0 Tottenham
Bolton 4 - 2 Tottenham
Blackpool 3 - 1 Tottenham
Scored 3 or more105
Conceded 3 or more33
Scored 5 or more10
Conceded 5 or more00
Home matches
Goal difference1810
Goals scored3122
Goals conceded1312
Ave. goals scored1.81.5
Ave. goals conceded0.80.8
Away matches
Goal difference14-2
Goals scored3222
Goals conceded1824
Ave. goals scored2.11.4
Ave. goals conceded1.21.5

Recent Matches

2007/8 6Tottenham1Arsenal3
2007/8 18Arsenal2Tottenham1
2008/9 10Arsenal4Tottenham4
2008/9 25Tottenham0Arsenal0
2009/10 11Arsenal3Tottenham0
2009/10 34Tottenham2Arsenal1
2010/11 14Arsenal2Tottenham3

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Villarreal holds tight to fourth place

Tuesday, 19th April 2011 9:40pm
Villarreal won the last fixture of round 32 in La Liga against Real Zaragoza 1-nil to cement their hold on fourth place.

In the Spanish Primera division, fourth place is the last Champions League place.

Villarreal were coming back from the two consecutive defeats from teams above them on the table.

The win means the Yellow submarines are now nine points ahead of Athletic Bilbao with just six matches to go.

In the second versus first battle at the Bernabeu, Real Madrid and Barcelona shared the spoils. The draw means that Barca maintain their eight point lead over their rivals.

Here are goal margins from La Liga this season:

Goal MarginFrequency
0 68
1 122
2 67
3 44
4 11
5 6
7 1
8 1

So the most popular winning goal margin is 1.

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Draw dampens Arsenal's title challenge

Tuesday, 19th April 2011 9:35pm
Arsenal's latest draw against Liverpool means that they now trail leaders Manchester United by six points instead of four had they won.

Also they are now just two points ahead of Chelsea who are currently in third place.

The Gunners next fixture is against and they now need to win that match in order to remain in the title challenge.

A draw for Liverpool has kept them in sixth place and two points ahead of Everton.

On the other end of the table, Blackpool entered the relegation zone for the first time after losing to fellow strugglers Wigan. Infact the win meant that Wigan got out and Blackpool went in.

Wolves remain anchored to the bottom after their match against FA Cup finalists was postponed.

West Ham stay in the relegation zone after losing to Aston Villa 2-1.

With the Gunners drawing their last three home fixtures, below is a table showing the draws from all the teams:

TeamPlayedGoals ForPoints
Birmingham City 32 1414
Everton 33 1914
Fulham 32 1214
Wigan 33 1413
Sunderland 33 1011
Tottenham 31 911
West Ham 33 1411
Aston Villa 33 1310
Bolton 32 1210
Arsenal 32 119
Manchester United 32 129
Newcastle 32 119
West Bromwich Albion 33 159
Blackburn 33 68
Manchester City 32 58
Chelsea 32 77
Liverpool 33 87
Blackpool 33 96
Stoke City 32 65
Wolverhampton Wanderers 32 75

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Gunners to check Liverpool's run

Sunday, 17th April 2011 10:41pm
Arsenal will provide a tough test for Liverpool at the Emirates as they chase for the title and Liverpool chase for a place in Europe next season.

Gunners are currently in second place and they face Liverpool and then followed by the postponed match against Tottenham Hotspurs in midweek.

A win in both matches will see the Gunners reduce the gap at the top to just one point.

On the other hand Liverpool are chasing a Europa place and win will restore the four point gap between them and Everton.

A loss will their Merseyside rivals will have a chance to overtake them in sixth place.

Liverpool go into this match after beating FA Cup finalists Manchester City 3-nil in their last match.

Here is some of the stats for the two teams so far this season:

Goal difference732
Clean sheets1212
Failed to score56
Goals scored4562
Goals conceded3830
Ave. goals scored1.42.0
Ave. goals conceded1.21.0
Biggest winLiverpool 3 - 0 West Ham
Liverpool 3 - 0 Aston Villa
Wolves 0 - 3 Liverpool
Liverpool 3 - 0 Man City
Arsenal 6 - 0 Blackpool
Biggest lossMan City 3 - 0 Liverpool
Chelsea 2 - 0 Arsenal
Scored 3 or more510
Conceded 3 or more53
Scored 5 or more01
Conceded 5 or more00
Home matches
Goal difference1718
Goals scored2930
Goals conceded1212
Ave. goals scored1.81.9
Ave. goals conceded0.80.8
Away matches
Goal difference-1014
Goals scored1632
Goals conceded2618
Ave. goals scored1.02.1
Ave. goals conceded1.61.2

Previous Matches

2007/8 11Liverpool1Arsenal1
2007/8 33Arsenal1Liverpool1
2007/8 10Liverpool4Arsenal2
2008/9 18Arsenal1Liverpool1
2008/9 33Liverpool4Arsenal4
2009/10 16Liverpool1Arsenal2
2009/10 26Arsenal1Liverpool0
2010/11 1Liverpool1Arsenal1

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Bayern face Leverkusen test

Saturday, 16th April 2011 12:09pm
Bayern Munich will face a tough challenge for the Champions League place as they battle Bayer Leverkusen in this weekend's match.

The Bundesliga defending champions are currently in fourth place and they face a high flying Leverkusen side sitting in second place.

Interestingly the Leverkusen coach will be moving to Bayern at the end of the season after Bayern sacked their coach.

Here are some of the stats for the two teams:

Bayern MunichLeverkusen
Goal difference2624
Clean sheets910
Failed to score63
Goals scored6159
Goals conceded3535
Ave. goals scored2.12.0
Ave. goals conceded1.21.2
Biggest winBayern Munich 6 - 0 Hamburg
Stuttgart 1 - 4 Leverkusen
Frankfurt 0 - 3 Leverkusen
Leverkusen 3 - 0 Wolfsburg
Biggest lossKaiser 2 - 0 Bayern Munich
Dortmund 2 - 0 Bayern Munich
Schalke 04 2 - 0 Bayern Munich
Bayern Munich 1 - 3 Dortmund
Hannover 96 3 - 1 Bayern Munich
Leverkusen 3 - 6 B M'gladbach
Scored 3 or more1210
Conceded 3 or more52
Scored 5 or more30
Conceded 5 or more01
Home matches
Goal difference278
Goals scored3730
Goals conceded1022
Ave. goals scored2.62.0
Ave. goals conceded0.71.5
Away matches
Goal difference-116
Goals scored2429
Goals conceded2513
Ave. goals scored1.62.1
Ave. goals conceded1.70.9

Recent Matches

2010/11 13Bayer Leverkusen1Bayern Munich1

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El Clasico part two at the Bernabeu

Saturday, 16th April 2011 12:06pm
The Spanish Primera giants Real Madrid and Barcelona will meet at the Bernabeu for the second part of the El Clasico.

Barcelona won the first match 5-nil at the Nou Camp and now Real will host the match as they bid to overcome the champions.

Here are some of the stats for the two leading teams in La Liga:

Real MadridBarcelona
Goal difference5069
Clean sheets1516
Failed to score61
Goals scored7285
Goals conceded2216
Ave. goals scored2.32.7
Ave. goals conceded0.70.5
Biggest winReal Madrid 7 - 0 Málaga
Almeria 0 - 8 Barcelona
Biggest lossBarcelona 5 - 0 Real Madrid
Barcelona 0 - 2 Hercules
Scored 3 or more1317
Conceded 3 or more10
Scored 5 or more45
Conceded 5 or more10
Home matches
Goal difference3932
Goals scored4642
Goals conceded710
Ave. goals scored3.12.6
Ave. goals conceded0.50.6
Away matches
Goal difference1137
Goals scored2643
Goals conceded156
Ave. goals scored1.62.9
Ave. goals conceded0.90.4

Recent Matches

2009/10 12Barcelona1Real Madrid0
2009/10 31Real Madrid0Barcelona2
2010/11 13Barcelona5Real Madrid0

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Real sets Barca semi

Thursday, 14th April 2011 9:36pm
Real Madrid will meet Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League semi-finals after beating Tottenham Hotspurs 1-nil in the second leg.

Real won the first leg 4-nil and so Spurs failed to find the net in the quarters.

In quarter-final matches that saw high aggregate wins apart from the Chelsea/Manchester United tie, Barcelona beat Shakhtar Donetsk 6-1 on aggregate.

Once again there will be a Bundesliga team in the semis with Schalke reaching the stage for the first time.

Schalke accounted for the defending champions Inter Milan 7-3 on aggregate.

Schalke will face Manchester United with United hosting the crucial second leg.

Eight matches at the quarter-final stage produced a total 26 goals with the round of 16 with double the number of matches only producing 38 goals.

The table below shows the goal winning margin so farin the Champions League:

Goal MarginFrequency
0 22
1 40
2 28
3 18
4 9
5 1
6 1
7 1

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Sixth vs fourth: Liverpool vs Man City

Monday, 11th April 2011 8:06am
In the last fixture of round 32 in the English Premier League, sixth placed Liverpool will face fourth placed Manchester City with the latter eyeing a Champions League place.

A win for the visitors will see them climb up to third on the table and a loss will leave them in fourth and three points ahead of fifth placed Tottenham Hotspurs.

A win for Liverpool will help create a four points buffer between themselves and Merseyside rivals Everton whilst a loss will leave them just two points ahead of eight placed Bolton.

In their match at Eastlands earlier in the season, Liverpool lost 3-nil.

Here is some of the stats for the two teams so far this season:

LiverpoolMan City
Goal difference423
Clean sheets1114
Failed to score58
Goals scored4250
Goals conceded3827
Ave. goals scored1.41.6
Ave. goals conceded1.20.9
Biggest winLiverpool 3 - 0 West Ham
Liverpool 3 - 0 Aston Villa
Wolves 0 - 3 Liverpool
Man City 5 - 0 Sunderland
Biggest lossMan City 3 - 0 Liverpool
Man City 0 - 3 Arsenal
Scored 3 or more49
Conceded 3 or more52
Scored 5 or more01
Conceded 5 or more00
Home matches
Goal difference1417
Goals scored2628
Goals conceded1211
Ave. goals scored1.71.8
Ave. goals conceded0.80.7
Away matches
Goal difference-106
Goals scored1622
Goals conceded2616
Ave. goals scored1.01.5
Ave. goals conceded1.61.1

Recent Matches

2007/8 20Manchester City0Liverpool0
2007/8 37Liverpool1Manchester City0
2008/9 7Manchester City2Liverpool3
2008/9 26Liverpool1Manchester City1
2009/10 13Liverpool2Manchester City2
2009/10 27Manchester City0Liverpool0
2010/11 2Manchester City3Liverpool0

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Bayern sack Van Gaal

Monday, 11th April 2011 7:56am
Bayern Munich has sacked its coach Louis van Gaal with five more matches to go.

Van Gaal was meant to leave the German champions at the end of the season but after the draw at weekend against FC Nuremberg the coach will no longer be in control in the last five matches.

Bayern are currently in fourth place and the team needs to finish in third place or better to be able to enter the Champions League competition.

Bayern's best hope is to finish third as they trail Hannover in third place by just one point but they are nine points behind second placed Bayer Leverkusen.

Current Bayer Leverkusen coach Jupp Heynckes will replace Van Gaal next season but for now assistant Andries Jonker will take charge.

Here is some of the stats for Van Gaal's so far this season:

Van Gaal's Bayern
Goal difference26
Clean sheets9
Failed to score6
Goals scored61
Goals conceded35
Ave. goals scored2.1
Ave. goals conceded1.2
Biggest winBayern Munich 6 - 0 Hamburg
Biggest lossKaiser 2 - 0 Bayern Munich
Dortmund 2 - 0 Bayern Munich
Schalke 04 2 - 0 Bayern Munich
Bayern Munich 1 - 3 Dortmund
Hannover 96 3 - 1 Bayern Munich
Scored 3 or more12
Conceded 3 or more5
Scored 5 or more3
Conceded 5 or more0
Home matches
Goal difference27
Goals scored37
Goals conceded10
Ave. goals scored2.6
Ave. goals conceded0.7
Away matches
Goal difference-1
Goals scored24
Goals conceded25
Ave. goals scored1.6
Ave. goals conceded1.7

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Almeria sacks Jose Luis Oltra

Saturday, 9th April 2011 8:27pm
Bottom team Almeria sacked its coach Jose Luis Oltra ahead of its round 31 fixture against Barcelonia.

Interestingly Otra had replaced Juan Manuel Lillo, who lost his job immediately after a humiliating 8-0 home defeat at the hands of Barcelona.

The Barcelona/Almeria match will pit first versus last in a match that could see a lot of goals once again.

Here is stats that compares the top team in La Liga at the moment against the bottom team.

Goal difference67-20
Clean sheets162
Failed to score110
Goals scored8231
Goals conceded1551
Ave. goals scored2.71.0
Ave. goals conceded0.51.7
Biggest winAlmeria 0 - 8 Barcelona
Deportivo La Coruña 0 - 2 Almeria
Sevilla 1 - 3 Almeria
Biggest lossBarcelona 0 - 2 Hercules
Almeria 0 - 8 Barcelona
Scored 3 or more163
Conceded 3 or more05
Scored 5 or more50
Conceded 5 or more01
Home matches
Goal difference30-10
Goals scored3920
Goals conceded930
Ave. goals scored2.61.3
Ave. goals conceded0.62.0
Away matches
Goal difference37-10
Goals scored4311
Goals conceded621
Ave. goals scored2.90.7
Ave. goals conceded0.41.4

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Fifth vs Second: Bilbao vs Real Madrid

Saturday, 9th April 2011 8:19pm
In La Liga's round 31, fifth placed Athletic Bilbao will meet second placed Real Madrid in a match Real will be trying to avoid a second successive defeat.

Real lost its last fixture against Sporting Gijon and they are playing a Bilbao that has its sight set upon Europe.

In their first match at the Bernabeau, Real won 5-1. Last season Real won by the same scoreline but still lost to Bilbao 1-nil in Bilbao.

Here is some of the stats for the two teams so far:

Real MadridAthletic Bilbao
Goal difference475
Clean sheets149
Failed to score63
Goals scored6947
Goals conceded2242
Ave. goals scored2.31.6
Ave. goals conceded0.71.4
Biggest winReal Madrid 7 - 0 Málaga
Athletic Bilbao 3 - 0 Mallorca
Athletic Bilbao 3 - 0 Getafe
Athletic Bilbao 3 - 0 Hercules
Athletic Bilbao 3 - 0 Sporting Gijon
Biggest lossBarcelona 5 - 0 Real Madrid
Real Madrid 5 - 1 Athletic Bilbao
Scored 3 or more126
Conceded 3 or more14
Scored 5 or more40
Conceded 5 or more11
Home matches
Goal difference3913
Goals scored4626
Goals conceded713
Ave. goals scored3.11.7
Ave. goals conceded0.50.9
Away matches
Goal difference8-8
Goals scored2321
Goals conceded1529
Ave. goals scored1.51.4
Ave. goals conceded1.01.9

Recent Matches

2009/10 18Athletic Bilbao1Real Madrid0
2009/10 37Real Madrid5Athletic Bilbao1
2010/11 12Real Madrid5Athletic Bilbao1

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Real overruns Spurs in first leg

Wednesday, 6th April 2011 8:41am
Real Madrid beat ten-men Tottenham Hotspurs 4-nil to have one leg in the semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League.

Spurs were 1-nil down when they were reduced to ten men in the first half but the three second half goals could make a comeback impossible at White Hart Lane.

In their last outing in the competition Real thrashed Lyon 3-nil but they have gone one goal better against Spurs.

In the other quarter-final first leg, defending champions Inter Milan were thrashed 5-2 by Schalke at the San Siro.

The match went to half-time with the match tied at 2-all but three unanswered second half goals means that Inter could be going out of the competition they won last season.

This was the seventh time this season that a home team had lost by a three goal margin.

Here are all the Champions League scorelines so far:

0 - 0 7
0 - 1 8
0 - 2 6
0 - 3 5
0 - 4 3
0 - 7 1
1 - 0 9
1 - 1 10
1 - 2 3
1 - 3 3
1 - 4 1
2 - 0 13
2 - 1 8
2 - 2 4
2 - 3 3
2 - 5 1
3 - 0 9
3 - 1 6
3 - 2 2
3 - 3 1
4 - 0 3
4 - 1 2
4 - 3 2
5 - 1 2
6 - 0 1
6 - 1 1

2-nil is still the most popular scoreline so far.

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Bilbao up to fifth after Almeria win

Wednesday, 6th April 2011 8:36am
Athletic Bilbao has moved to fifth place after beating bottom placed Almeria in the last match of La Liga's round 30.

Bilbao are tied on points with Sevilla on 45 points with Espanyol two points in seventh.

The biggest result though in round 30 was Real Madrid's loss to Sporting Gijon.

This was Real's first league loss of the season at home and they were the only still unbeaten at home.

The result meant an end to Jose Mourinho's unbeaten home record that goes back to 2002 when he was still at Porto.

Here is the table showing the home results only:

Real Madrid 15 14 01 467 3942
Barcelona 15 13 11 399 3040
Villarreal 16 11 32 2910 1936
Athletic Bilbao 15 10 05 2613 1330
Espanyol 15 10 05 2514 1130
Sevilla 16 8 44 2718 928
Valencia 15 8 43 2315 828
Osasuna 15 7 62 2210 1227
Levante 15 8 25 2116 526
Mallorca 15 8 25 1813 526
Atletico 15 7 35 2615 1124
Deportivo La Coruña 15 6 63 1815 324
Sporting Gijon 15 6 54 1713 423
R Santander 14 6 53 1815 323
Sociedad 15 7 26 1917 223
Getafe 16 6 37 2826 221
Zaragoza 15 6 36 2123 -221
Hercules 14 6 26 2222 020
Almeria 15 2 94 2030 -1015
Málaga 14 4 28 2025 -514

Despite the loss Real still has the best home form while Malaga has the worst home record.

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Man City record biggest win

Tuesday, 5th April 2011 4:10pm
Manchester City recorded its biggest win of the season after beating Sunderland 5-nil.

That win took the Eastlands outfit into third place, leapfrogging Chelsea in the process.

With the battle for the 2011/12 Champions League places like to go all the way to the last match, Man City are now six points ahead of sixth placed Tottenham Hotspurs but Spurs have a game in hand.

In the first match of the round, Manchester United came from 2-nil down at half time to win 4-2 and open a seven point lead at the top of the table.

This was only the fourth time this season that an away team losing at half time have come back in the second half to win the match.

Here is a table showing the winning trends for the rest of the matches in the English Premier League:

Home team leading at half time, home team winning at full time 9041.9
Away team leading at half time, away team winning at full time 4320.0
Home team trailing at half time, home team winning at full time 83.7
Away team trailing at half time, away team winning at full time 41.9
Draw at half time, home team winning at full time 4520.9
Draw at half time, away team winning at full time 2511.6
Matches ending in result 21569.8

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