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Osasuna stops Levante's unbeaten run

Monday, 31st October 2011 1:28pm
Levante's unbeaten start to the season came to an end after the former league leaders lost 2-nil to ten man Osasuna.

The round had started with Levante on top of the table and they needed to win in order to stay on the summit.

The loss means that Levante now drops to third place and first place on the ladder has now been taken by Real Madrid whose first half goal was enough to secure all three points against Sociedad.

Two teams now remain unbeaten in La Liga. Barcelona had another high scoring win against Mallorca when they won 5-nil.

The other unbeaten team Sevilla will play Granada in the last match of the round.

Here is the form table showing results from the last six fixtures only:

Real Madrid 6 6 00 223 1918WWWWWW
Barcelona 6 5 10 150 1516WWWDWW
Levante 6 5 01 135 815WWWWWL
Athletic Bilbao 6 3 30 115 612DWWDWD
Valencia 6 3 21 74 311LWDDWW
Sevilla 6 2 40 53 210DWDWDD
Osasuna 6 2 31 118 39DDLWDW
Espanyol 6 3 03 59 -49LLWWWL
Sporting Gijon 6 2 22 65 18DLLWWD
Vallecano 6 2 13 710 -37LDLWWL
Málaga 6 2 13 512 -77DWLLLW
Getafe 6 1 32 68 -26WLDDDL
R Santander 6 1 32 47 -36DDLLDW
Villarreal 6 1 32 59 -46DDDLLW
Mallorca 6 1 32 712 -56WDDDLL
Atletico 6 1 32 410 -66LDDDLW
Zaragoza 6 1 23 59 -45DDWLLL
Granada 6 0 24 16 -52LDLDLL
Sociedad 6 0 15 410 -61LLLDLL
Real Betis 6 0 06 110 -90LLLLLL

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Mariners, Victory secure first wins

Monday, 31st October 2011 1:19pm
Round 4 of the A-League saw the Central Coast Mariners and Melbourne Victory secure their first wins of the campaign.

The Mariners had managed just one draw in its first three matches but they beat previously unbeaten Perth Glory 2-1.

Victory scored its first goals of the season and first three points after overcoming the Wellington Phoenix at Westpac Stadium.

The Victory had failed to score in its first three matches despite getting two points.

Elsewhere the defending champions Brisbane Roar had the biggest winning margin so far this season after beating hapless Adelaide United 7-1.

Adelaide were the first on the score sheet but by half-time they were losing 5-1. Two further goals in the second half increased the goal margin to six.

Here is a list of goal margins for the matches in the A-League so far:

Goal MarginFrequencyPercentage(%)
0 5 25.0
1 10 50.0
2 3 15.0
3 1 5.0
4 0 0
5 0 0
6 1 5.0

The four goal margin by half-time was quite outstanding and here is a list of the rest of the goal margins at the break:

Goal MarginFrequencyPercentage(%)
0 8 40.0
1 11 55.0
2 0 0
3 0 0
4 1 5.0

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Serie A round 10: Inter vs Juventus

Saturday, 29th October 2011 8:02am
Top of the table Juventus will meet former champions Inter Milan at the San Siro in one of the key matches of Serie A's round 10.

Inter Milan had a poor start to the season and have so far accumulated just eight points and lie nearer the relegation places.

On the other hand Juventus are flying high and sit top of the table with 16 points.

The visitors are still unbeaten in the league whilst the hosts have already lost half their matches.

So far Ranieri's Inter has won two, drawn two and lost four.

Juve could lose top spot if they lose because currently the top eight teams are separated by three points.

Here are some of the stats for the two teams so far:

Inter MilanJuventus
Goal difference-47
Clean sheets23
Failed to score21
Goals scored1013
Goals conceded146
Ave. goals scored1.31.6
Ave. goals conceded1.80.8
Biggest winBologna 1 - 3 Inter Milan
Juventus 4 - 1 Parma
Biggest lossInter Milan 0 - 3 Napoli
No loss
Scored 3 or more21
Conceded 3 or more30
Scored 5 or more00
Conceded 5 or more00
Home matches
Goal difference-26
Goals scored111
Goals conceded35
Ave. goals scored0.32.2
Ave. goals conceded1.01.0
Away matches
Goal difference-21
Goals scored92
Goals conceded111
Ave. goals scored1.80.7
Ave. goals conceded2.20.3
Recent Matches
2010/11 6Inter Milan0Juventus0
2010/11 25Juventus1Inter Milan0

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London derby: Chelsea vs Arsenal

Saturday, 29th October 2011 7:45am
Round 10 of the English Premiership will see the London derby between Chelsea and Arsenal.

The home team are currently in third position on the table whilst the Gunners lie seventh.

The gap in points between the two points is six and this could be increased to nine with a Chelsea win or reduced to just three with an Arsenal win.

Chelsea have a 100% home record at the moment whilst the Gunners have lost three matches on the road.

Here is some of the stats for the two teams so far:

Goal difference10-3
Clean sheets13
Failed to score22
Goals scored2015
Goals conceded1018
Ave. goals scored2.21.7
Ave. goals conceded1.12.0
Biggest winBolton 1 - 5 Chelsea
Arsenal 3 - 0 Bolton
Biggest lossMan United 3 - 1 Chelsea
Man United 8 - 2 Arsenal
Scored 3 or more43
Conceded 3 or more12
Scored 5 or more10
Conceded 5 or more01
Home matches
Goal difference85
Goals scored129
Goals conceded44
Ave. goals scored3.01.8
Ave. goals conceded1.00.8
Away matches
Goal difference2-8
Goals scored86
Goals conceded614
Ave. goals scored1.61.5
Ave. goals conceded1.23.5
Recent Matches
2007/8 17Arsenal1Chelsea0
2007/8 31Chelsea2Arsenal1
2008/9 15Chelsea1Arsenal2
2008/9 36Arsenal1Chelsea4
2009/10 14Arsenal0Chelsea3
2009/10 25Chelsea2Arsenal0
2010/11 7Chelsea2Arsenal0
2010/11 19Arsenal3Chelsea1

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City hits six past United

Tuesday, 25th October 2011 1:52pm
Manchester City beat arch-rivals Manchester United 6-1 to inflict a rare defeat on its near neighbours.

Man United had not lost at home since April 2010 in season 2009/10 and went through the whole of the 2010/11 season unbeaten at home.

All that changed with City maintaining their top position on the table after handing the champions their heaviest defeat in the Premier League.

With that win, City has created a five point buffer at the top.

Chelsea failed to take advantage of the United's loss after losing 1-nil to Queens Park Rangers.

The first half penalty for QPR was enough to give them maximum points at Loftus Road for the first time this campaign.

In another derby in the Midlands, West Bromwich Albion overcame Aston Villa 2-1. It was the Baggies first win over Villa in the Premier League at Villa Park.

Here is a table for the home matches only so far:

Man City 4 4 00 131 1212
Man United 5 4 01 179 812
Chelsea 4 4 00 124 812
Arsenal 5 4 01 94 512
Newcastle 5 3 20 84 411
Liverpool 5 2 30 85 39
Swansea 4 2 20 50 58
Aston Villa 5 2 21 74 38
Stoke 4 2 20 41 38
Norwich 4 2 11 64 27
Fulham 5 1 31 106 46
Tottenham 3 2 01 76 16
QPR 5 1 31 36 -36
Sunderland 4 1 12 75 24
W Brom 4 1 12 33 04
Everton 4 1 12 56 -14
Wigan 4 1 12 56 -14
Wolves 5 1 13 59 -44
Blackburn 5 1 04 612 -63
Bolton 5 0 05 417 -130

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Milan in dramatic comeback against Lecce

Tuesday, 25th October 2011 1:43pm
AC Milan came from 3-nil down at half-time to win 4-3 at full time in its match against Lecce in Serie A's round 8.

This was only Milan's third victory this season in the league and it looked very unlikely at the halfway mark.

Here is a table that shows trend for the matches that have ended in a result so far this season:

Home team leading at half time, home team winning at full time 2347.9
Away team leading at half time, away team winning at full time 714.6
Home team trailing at half time, home team winning at full time 36.3
Away team trailing at half time, away team winning at full time 36.3
Draw at half time, home team winning at full time 48.3
Draw at half time, away team winning at full time 816.7
Matches ending in result 4868.6

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Victory continues to draw blanks

Tuesday, 25th October 2011 1:38pm
Melbourne Victory once again failed to score a goal as it had its second consecutive goalless draw at home.

Victory drew Melbourne Heart nil-all after a similar result against Sydney FC a fortnight earlier at Etihad Stadium.

Victory is now the only team without a goal after Sydney FC beat Adelaide United 2-1 at Hindmarsh. The two goals scored in Adelaide were Sydney's first.

Elsewhere, its different story for Brisbane Roar. The champions are still to concede a goal and they have scored six themselves.

Here is table showing the goals scored by each team so far:

Melb Victory0
Central Coast Mariners1
Gold Coast2
Adelaide Utd2
Wellington Phoenix3
Melb Heart3
Perth Glory4
Newcastle Jets4
Brisbane Roar6

Total Goals Scored : 27

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Manchester derby: second vs first

Saturday, 22nd October 2011 8:27am
The first Manchester derby of the season will see the team in second hosting the team topping the table.

Manchester City are currently on the top of the table whilst their rivals are in second as they meet at Old Trafford.

Both teams are still to suffer a defeat.

A draw in this match could see Chelsea top the table if they win their match against Queens Park Rangers.

Here are some of the stats for the two teams so far:

Man UnitedMan City
Goal difference1921
Clean sheets34
Failed to score00
Goals scored2527
Goals conceded66
Ave. goals scored3.13.4
Ave. goals conceded0.80.8
Biggest winMan United 8 - 2 Arsenal
Man City 4 - 0 Swansea
Tottenham 1 - 5 Man City
Blackburn 0 - 4 Man City
Biggest lossNo lossNo loss
Scored 3 or more46
Conceded 3 or more00
Scored 5 or more21
Conceded 5 or more00
Home matches
Goal difference1312
Goals scored1613
Goals conceded31
Ave. goals scored4.03.3
Ave. goals conceded0.80.3
Away matches
Goal difference69
Goals scored914
Goals conceded35
Ave. goals scored2.33.5
Ave. goals conceded0.81.3
Recent Matches
2007/8 3Manchester City1Manchester United0
2007/8 26Manchester United1Manchester City2
2008/9 15Manchester City0Manchester United1
2008/9 36Manchester United2Manchester City0
2009/10 6Manchester United4Manchester City3
2009/10 35Manchester City0Manchester United1
2010/11 12Manchester City0Manchester United0
2010/11 27Manchester United2Manchester City1

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Barca faces Sevilla challenge

Saturday, 22nd October 2011 8:19am
Barcelona will face Sevilla in round 9 of the 2011/12 La Liga season in a challenge between two teams that are still to lose a match this season.

The two teams are separated by just two points with Barca on 17 points and top and Sevilla with 15 and lying third.

Sevilla, Barca and Levante are the only three teams yet to lose a match in La Liga and so whichever team loses this match will be suffering their first lost of the season.

Barca have a perfect home record record but Sevilla have so far collected just three points in the three away matches.

All Sevilla away matches have so far been drawn.

Here are some of the stats for the two teams:

Goal difference224
Clean sheets54
Failed to score02
Goals scored268
Goals conceded44
Ave. goals scored3.71.1
Ave. goals conceded0.60.6
Biggest winBarcelona 8 - 0 Osasuna
Sevilla 2 - 1 Málaga
Sevilla 1 - 0 Sociedad
Sevilla 1 - 0 Valencia
Sevilla 2 - 1 Sporting Gijon
Biggest lossNo lossNo loss
Scored 3 or more40
Conceded 3 or more00
Scored 5 or more30
Conceded 5 or more00
Home matches
Goal difference214
Goals scored216
Goals conceded02
Ave. goals scored5.31.5
Ave. goals conceded0.00.5
Away matches
Goal difference10
Goals scored52
Goals conceded42
Ave. goals scored1.70.7
Ave. goals conceded1.30.7
Recent Matches
2009/10 18Barcelona4Sevilla0
2009/10 37Sevilla2Barcelona3
2010/11 9Barcelona5Sevilla0
2010/11 28Sevilla1Barcelona1

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One point difference: Cagliari vs Napoli

Saturday, 22nd October 2011 8:11am
Cagliari and Napoli are separated by just one point and the two teams meet in Serie A's round 7.

The home team on eleven points are in third place and could top the table if they win and other results go their way.

Equally Napoli in sixth place can top the table if all the teams above them fail to win.

Here is some of the stats for the two teams so far this season:

Goal difference35
Clean sheets32
Failed to score22
Goals scored810
Goals conceded55
Ave. goals scored1.31.7
Ave. goals conceded0.80.8
Biggest winLecce 0 - 2 Cagliari
Inter Milan 0 - 3 Napoli
Biggest lossPalermo 3 - 2 Cagliari
Chievo 1 - 0 Napoli
Napoli 1 - 2 Parma
Scored 3 or more03
Conceded 3 or more10
Scored 5 or more00
Conceded 5 or more00
Home matches
Goal difference11
Goals scored24
Goals conceded13
Ave. goals scored0.71.3
Ave. goals conceded0.31.0
Away matches
Goal difference24
Goals scored66
Goals conceded42
Ave. goals scored2.02.0
Ave. goals conceded1.30.7
Recent Matches
2010/11 11Cagliari0Napoli1
2010/11 30Napoli2Cagliari1

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Anfield battle: Liverpool v Man United

Friday, 14th October 2011 11:13pm
Round 8 of the English Premiership will see Liverpool battle it out against champions Manchester United at Anfield.

Liverpool are currently fifth on the table and six points behind United.

A win for the home team will see them close the gap to three points.

A win for Man United will see them drift away nine points with just eight matches played.

Here is some of the stats for the two teams so far this season:

LiverpoolMan United
Goal difference219
Clean sheets23
Failed to score20
Goals scored1024
Goals conceded85
Ave. goals scored1.43.4
Ave. goals conceded1.10.7
Biggest winArsenal 0 - 2 Liverpool
Liverpool 3 - 1 Bolton
Everton 0 - 2 Liverpool
Man United 8 - 2 Arsenal
Biggest lossTottenham 4 - 0 Liverpool
No loss
Scored 3 or more14
Conceded 3 or more10
Scored 5 or more02
Conceded 5 or more00
Home matches
Goal difference313
Goals scored616
Goals conceded33
Ave. goals scored2.04.0
Ave. goals conceded1.00.8
Away matches
Goal difference-16
Goals scored48
Goals conceded52
Ave. goals scored1.02.7
Ave. goals conceded1.30.7
Recent Matches
2007/8 17Liverpool0Manchester United1
2007/8 31Manchester United3Liverpool0
2008/9 4Liverpool2Manchester United1
2008/9 29Manchester United1Liverpool4
2009/10 10Liverpool2Manchester United0
2009/10 31Manchester United2Liverpool1
2010/11 5Manchester United3Liverpool2
2010/11 29Liverpool3Manchester United1

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Croatia to meet Turkey in Euro 2012 playoffs

Friday, 14th October 2011 11:10pm
Croatia were paired with Turkey in the Euro 2012 playoffs draw.

Croatia had finished second behind Greece in their group whilst Turkey finished behind Germany.

The Republic of Ireland will face off with Estonia whilst Portugal will have to navigate past Bosnia.

The fourth playoff will see the Czech Republic meet Montenegro.

The matches will be played in November.

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Big guns fall out in Nations Cup

Friday, 14th October 2011 11:02pm
Four of the African countries who were at the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa will not feature in the 2012 Africa Nations Cup.

South Africa, Algeria, Cameroon and Nigeria all failed to make it to Gabon and Equatorial Guinea.

The defending champions Egypt will also not be able to defend their title.

Three countries will be appearing at the tournament for the first time. These are co-hosts Equatorial Guinea, Niger and Botswana.

So the countries that qualified are Equatorial Guinea and Gabon as hosts and then Mali, Guinea, Zambia, Morocco, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Niger, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Angola, Botswana as group winners.

The best-placed runners-up were Libya and Sudan whilst Tunisia finished second in Group K which was the only group with five teams.

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Jets, Heart kickoff 2011/12 A-League season

Friday, 7th October 2011 1:26pm
Newcastle Jets and Melbourne Heart will kickoff the new 2011/12 season, the seventh season of Australia's top flight.

Jets who sacked their coach Branco Culina will be starting their season against a team that also failed to reach the finals last season.

Three matches are going to be played on the first day of the season.

The second match will see Melbourne Victory host arch-rivals Sydney FC whilst the third match will be the 2010/11 grand final replay between Brisbane Roar and the Central Coast Mariners.

On Sunday the Gold Coast United will host Wellington Phoenix whilst Perth Glory will entertain Adelaide United in the last match of the round.

Last season a total of 452 goals were scored in 172 matches as shown in the table below:

Matches played172
Home wins7845.3
Away wins4526.2
Goalless draws137.6
First half goals18340.5
Second half goals26959.5
Home team goals 26658.8
Away team goals18641.2

But the 2011/12 season will be similar to the 2009/10 season when there were ten teams in the league.

In that season a total of 369 goals were scored in 142 matches as shown in the table below:

Matches played142
Home wins7049.3
Away wins3625.4
Goalless draws85.6
First half goals17246.6
Second half goals19753.4
Home team goals 21658.5
Away team goals15341.5

Interestingly, the goals per match ratio is exactly the same.

For both seasons the goals per match ratio was 2.6.

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Newcastle Jets, Culina part ways

Wednesday, 5th October 2011 1:04pm
Newcastle Jets has sacked coach Branko Culina with the season start only a few days away.

The Jets are scheduled to kickoff the new A-League with a home fixture against the Melbourne Heart.

Last season Culina's Jets finished in seventh just outside the finals places and here is some of the stats for the team in the 2010/11 season:

Culina's Jets - 2010/11 season
Final position7
Goal difference-4
Clean sheets10
Failed to score12
Goals scored29
Goals conceded33
Ave. goals scored1.0
Ave. goals conceded1.1
Biggest winNewcastle Jets 4 - 0 Perth Glory
Biggest lossWellington Phoenix 4 - 0 Newcastle Jets
Gold Coast 5 - 1 Newcastle Jets
Scored 3 or more3
Conceded 3 or more2
Scored 5 or more0
Conceded 5 or more1
Home matches
Goal difference7
Goals scored18
Goals conceded11
Ave. goals scored1.2
Ave. goals conceded0.7
Away matches
Goal difference-11
Goals scored11
Goals conceded22
Ave. goals scored0.7
Ave. goals conceded1.5

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Betis lose again as Levante triumphs

Wednesday, 5th October 2011 12:42pm
Real Betis lost their second consecutive match having gone four matches unbeaten at the start of the season in La Liga.

The newly promoted side had a good start winning its first four matches and going to the top of the table but the first team to beat them was Getafe.

In round 6, Betis lost its first match at home as it lost high flying Levante 1-nil. Both losses have been 1-nil.

The team next meets Real Madrid who are currently third on table after beating Espanyol 4-nil.

The meeting between Real Madrid and Real Betis will have ticket brokers excited as the two teams are in the top half of the table and its a match that is sure going to be competitive and draw a lot of people.

Barcelona won by a single goal to get maximum points against Sporting Gijon. Before the match it looked like Barcelona would have another goalfest after scoring five goals in midweek, but Gijon made sure that the margin was as low as was possible.

Another early pacesetter, Valencia also managed a 1-nil win over newly promoted Granada after drawing Chelsea in midweek.

At this stage of the season it would look like the biggest surprise is Levante holding on to second place. Levante is the only team to have beaten Real Madrid this season.

As La Liga takes a break below is a stats summary for the league so far:

Matches played60
Home wins3050.0
Away wins1220.0
Goalless draws813.3
First half goals7044.9
Second half goals8655.1
Home team goals 9862.8
Away team goals5837.2

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