Celtic notches first win

Thursday, 11th December 2008 1:17pm
Celtic got its first win in this season's UEFA Champions League campaign after beating Villareal at Celtic Park.

Celtic's win even though they were already out of the competition meant that they did not join four other teams who finished without a single win.

Basle, Steaua Bucuresti, Fenerbahce and BATE Borisov all finished without wins and relied on draws to get points.

There were no real surprises for the matches on the second day of match day 6 of the UEFA Champions League.

In all the groups all the teams qualifying for the knockout stages had been decided and it was a matter of deciding who would win the group.

Celtic and BATE Borisov were already out of European competition for the season and they are now joined by Fenerbahce and Steaua Bucuresti who both lost their last matches.

In group E, Manchester United's draw against AaB Aalborg was enough to secure them top place because Celtic beat Villareal. Celtic finished unbeaten at home.

Bayern Munich's three first half goals were enough to win away to Lyon and finish top of group F. The match was a direct fight for top place.

Fiorentina will drop into the UEFA competition after beating Steaua Bucuresti. Its interesting to note that Steaua Bucuresti and Basle are the only two teams to finish with just one point this season.

In another direct fight for first place FC Porto came tops after beating Arsenal in a group G match and Dynamo Kiev did enough to make sure they can continue playing in Europe this season.

In group H Juventus' superior head to head record over Real Madrid made sure that a draw was enough to win the group. Juande Ramos made a good start to his career at the Bernabeau when his team beat Zenit St Petersburg who were assured of third place.

The draw for the next round takes place on the 19th of December and with teams like Real Madrid, Chelsea and Inter Milan and Arsenal finishing second in their groups there could be some very appetising ties in the round of 16.

Eddie wrote on Saturday, 13th December 2008 1:11pm
I am hoping that Manchester United will be against Inter Milan. I think seeing Fergie fight again with Jose will provide a spectacle for the round of 16.

Wes wrote on Sunday, 14th December 2008 7:24am
There is a one in five chance Eddie that Man U could be paired with Inter. That could be a very interesting match esp. with the second leg at Old Trafford.

I also think that a Liverpool/Inter pairing could be another explosive encounter with Benitez once again facing Mourinho in the Champions league.

Wes wrote on Saturday, 20th December 2008 7:32am
Interestingly Eddie, Manchester United has been drawn to play Inter in the round of 16. That should be a fantastic tie.

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