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Hull in top flight

Monday, 26th May 2008 1:24pm
Hull City completed the teams line up for the 2008/9 English Premiership season after beating Bristol City in the Championship playoff final.

West Bromwich Albion and Stoke City got direct promotion after taking first and second position respectively and Hull who finished third in the normal season had to go through the playoff route.

To TipsChallenge that will mean adding not only the Hull team but also their stadium the six year old KC Stadium.

Hull manager Phil Brown did well to save the team from relegation one season to premiership football in the next and now his next task will be to make sure that the team stays in the premiership.

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Euro 2008 Tipping

Monday, 26th May 2008 1:13pm
TipsChallenge will run the Euro 2008 tipping competition which will be the third continental competition to be run on the site.

The Euro 2008 tournament kicks off on 7th of June when co-hosts Switzerland take on the Czech Republic in a Group A match at St. Jakob-Park in Basel.

TipsChallenge will run the tipping competition from the opening match all the way to the final to be played at the Ernst Happel Stadium in Vienna on the 29th of June.

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2008/9 A-League tipping

Thursday, 22nd May 2008 9:09pm
The TipsChallenge site will once again be running an A-League football tipping competition for the 2008/9 season which is the fourth year of the competition.

Already some fixtures for the new season have been put up in what looks like the last season with just eight teams before the teams are increased maybe to ten or twelve.

New in the 2008/9 A-League tipping competition will be trivia leagues which will show half time league ladders and tracking for the number of draws for each time plus graphical round by round tipping performance for each player in the competition.

It will also be possible to set up private leagues with unlimited number or players. This should help localise the competition for those who want to see who knows A-League football in their office or among their mates.

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West Brom, Stoke in top flight

Tuesday, 6th May 2008 1:34pm
West Bromwich Albion and Stoke City got automatic promotion into the English Premiership for the 2008/9 season after getting the top two places in the Championship.

The third side for promotion will come from the playoffs where Hull, Bristol City, Crystal Palace and Watford are involved.

West Brom won the Championship title with the highest number of wins (23) in the division and the highest number of goals scored (88) and the biggest goal difference of 33.

Stoke on the other hand had the lowest number of losses losing just four at home and five away. They will need that for the premiership.

These two teams will soon be added into TipsChallenge for the new season and hopefully we will see some of their fans on the Challenge league.

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2008/9 A-League fixtures released

Monday, 5th May 2008 1:44pm
Football Federation Australia (FFA) last week announced the fixture list for the A-League's 2008/9 season and the season will kick off on August 15 with Newcastle Jets facing the Central Coast Mariners.

These fixtures will soon be available on TipsChallenge to start tipping again for the new season.

This looks like the last season with just 21 rounds because in the season 2009/10 at least twelve teams are expected if all goes well. That will be great because that will make the season a bit longer and there would be more matches to predict.

The FFA also announced that the grand final for 2008/9 will be on a Saturday night instead of Sunday which could be a good idea especially for away supporters if they travel to the grand final.

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